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My Daughter Fragrances

Founders Message

The founding years of My Daughter Fragrances (MDF) have been transformative in so many ways.

During this developmental stage we have introduced our vision to many “Daughter Beauties” I am so grateful to call friends. Thank you for being part of this exciting, crazy, challenging, gorgeous adventure. Life as an entrepreneur is not always easy, but it certainly isn’t boring.

Recently, the My Daughter Fragrance team visited the flower fields, artisan studios, and cobbled streets of Grasse, France. There, in the aromatic French air, surrounded in the very best perfume culture has to offer, we recommitted ourselves to MDF’s original vision and explored exciting new possibilities for the brand. Now I am ready to walk the next steps of our journey, introducing My Daughter Fragrances to the world. I can’t wait for you to share in what’s next. Join me.

My Daughter Fragrances has manifested an undeniably unique spirit, our brand revealing to me whom she resonates with most, and why.

Interesting, she speaks to the hearts of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, glamorous hippies, posh lawyers, wanderlust travelers, and more – people walking a wealth of life’s different journeys; people directed by a common desire: to seek thoughtful beauty and savor simple joys.

Striving to do human-to-human business in a corporate world is difficult, but worth every hello handshake, every goodbye grin. I want our fragrances to become part of your memories and stories. I want these scents to inspire life, love, courage, and adventure. Most of all, I want them to become your own, to define an authentic self, whomever she may be!

Thank you for loving what we created. Thank you for being part of the magic.

With love,
Janey Ganson
Founder and Owner, My Daughter Fragrances

My Daughter Fragrances

Why We Are Different
in a Beautiful Way

A house of two hearts, My Daughter Fragrances homes its head office and perfume barn in Alberta, Canada, while drawing inspiration from the sunlight studio of nose Jessica Buchannan in Grasse, France.

Marrying the vision of Founder Janey Ganson with Buchannan’s science of scent, My Daughter Fragrances begins with a focus on traditional French perfumery, heavily influenced by the rich culture and history of Grasse’s fragrance industry.

Eliminating the phthalates, parabens, and colorants. My Daughter Fragrances demonstrates a commitment to quality natural ingredients, creating eco-luxe scents all women can enjoy.

Why we are different – in a beautiful way

  • Our fragrances change hands under tissue paper and ribbons – a gift between mothers and daughters, a recommended spritz on the wrist from a friend. It’s a ground movement, a beautiful secret. We don’t advertise on exploited bodies or female insecurities; My Daughter Fragrances is recommended to women by women, with confidence.
  • We are not a fashion house, but if we were, cashmere and linen would be our fabrics of choice, along with a favorite pair of worn-in jeans – that’s just how we roll!
  • These fragrances are created to renew, transform, and relax the soul of all who seek beauty: “grandma girls,” “mom girls,” and even “princess girls”.
My Daughter Fragrances
My Daughter Fragrances
My Daughter Fragrances