Welcome to My Daughter Fragrance

At My Daughter Fragrances, we live in a world of dreams and wishes and butterfly kisses. We believe in filling our lives with beautiful scents, bubble baths, linen sheets and mandatory pajama days. Living pure is lovely, but sometimes you just have to have chocolate cake for breakfast. 

Our company resides in the prairies of Alberta, but our imagination lives in the land of curiosity; after all, wisdom truly begins with wonder!

Our fragrances are created without the "bad stuff": phthalates and parabens. My Daughter Fragrances are full of only the "good stuff": essential oils, resins, and absolutes. Our fragrances are hand-compounded in France, and filtered and bottled in small batches in Canada. 

May the beauty of these magical fragrances transform, renew, and relax the soul for everyone: "grandma girls," "mom girls," and even, "princess girls."