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House of My Daughter

A world of botanical magic

My Daughter

The name "My Daughter" was chosen to celebrate the founders daughter originally, however this name has evolved into a life of its own. In reality every woman is a daughter in some form or another. 

The phrase "My Daughter" is powerful, feminine, loving, and universal. 

Perfume House

A house of two hearts, My Daughter Fragrances homes its head office in a "Perfume Barn" in Alberta Canada under the direction of founder Janey Ganson, while drawing inspiration from the sunlight studio of Jessica Buchanan in Grasse, France. Striving to do human to human business in a corporate world is difficult, but worth every hello handshake, and every goodbye grin.

Our fragrances are created to renew, transform, and relax the soul of all who see beauty. We want them to become part of your memories and stories. To inspire life, love, courage, and adventure. Most of all may they become your own, to define an authentic self, whomever she may be.

Our Formulation Policy

Embrace the good. Eliminate the unnecessary or harmful. Be kind to our environment. 

We have a serious love for plants and the botanical magic they give us in the form of botanical oils, absolutes, resins, and CO2 extractions. Taking into consideration the strain on the environment and the gas and oil it takes to produce naturals, we believe you can't trade one for the other. We want our naturals to be sustainable and ethically produced. Embracing the movement of green/sustainable chemistry as a positive response to reducing environmental damage, as the demand for naturally derived materials increases, the ability for them all to be sustainable decreases, such is the case currently with vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Our fragrances wear close to the body because of how they are formulated. Combining Jessica's French aesthetic in perfumery, as well as elements of aromatherapy, and Janey's personal touches, this has become the DNA of our fragrances. 

What Matters To Us

Sustainably produced molecules
Regenerative agriculture
Staying a family owned and operated business
Connection and community
Fragrance as an art and a simple pleasure to be enjoyed daily

We love to hear from you and thank you for welcoming our creations into your home and sharing with those you love.